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19 Candles

Love Fest Incense | 19 Candles

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Topanga Canyon, Ca

Bring Love Fest back! Seriously one of the best stick incense companies we have found in a long time. Love Fest incense by 19 Candles is handmade entirely by hand and scented with pure essential oils to ensure a clean, natural scented burn. With bright notes, this is sure to uplift any party.

Artist Description

Notes: floral, sweet, woody

essential oils: patchouli (top note), amyris, oakmoss, bergamot

*Contains 19 Sticks

Inspired by the beachside Topanga lifestyle of the 60’s. The spirit of creativity and independence guided a small community of artists, surfers and dreamers that lived just off the beach at the base of the canyon. Now just marshland, the old “Rodeo Grounds” was witness to a lifestyle that didn’t exist anywhere else. This is my tribute to that place.