The Cosmic Poppy

woman standing with a rack of clothing inside a white vendor tent
New Collection: Kaleidoscope Eyes II 

The spirit of Poppy is to inspire those to take a leap into the dream world…

Welcome to The Poppy Experience 

What began as an epiphany, which is described as “an experience of a sudden and striking realization”, Poppy has transformed into a quest to bridge the gap between the real world and dream world. (to read the full Poppy California brand story click here)

The Cosmic Poppy + Poppy California is a festival lifestyle brand based in Northern California. Our offerings are made ethical, slow, and dreamy for daily life in community gathering, festival, and ritual spaces. We hand make whimsical apparel through an intuitive creative process by offering iridescent matching sets - jackets, flare pants, bandeau tops and dreamy pieces mixed/matched between night/day, in the dreamworld/real world. We promote radical self care, harm reduction and mental wellness when embodying a holistic lifestyle beyond festival, gathering, and ritual spaces. We also offer handmade, local self-care offerings and ritual tools to encourage spiritual growth and assist in the transformational process. 
Our offerings are 
  • Cherished beyond the festival
  • Handmade locally in CA
  • Fabrics/Apothecary are made to order
  • Slow Fashion (like really slow)
  • Made only with luxury, unique fabrics 
  • No mass production
  • Moop free
Poppy is a new experiment that is constantly evolving.
Come take the journey with us…
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