Fabrics + Materials

French Metallic Brocade

Our brocade is a luxury jacquard fabric that is ornate and lustrous. Woven in only the amounts we need, on a loom in Lyon, France - the unique designs are created by inserting additional threads to create dreamy ornamental patterns visible on both sides of the fabric. This textile is extremely tensile, durable and will not pill, shed, or fade its metallic lustre.
We call these our "glitter-free" fabrics because they shine like glitter but do not contain microplastic fragments prone to shedding and moop. These fabrics are truly luxurious and are created using traditional methods of weaving.
Although we have wash tested our broade we recommend spot cleaning and machine washing only when absolutely necessary. This will ensure the longevity of your Poppy piece.
Fabric content: 48% Viscose, 29% Polyester, 23% Metal.

Our Fantaisie Brocades

Fabric swatches of brocade material with gold, silver, blue, pink, and iridescent shine and sparkle


Velvet is soft and luxurious fabric with a beautiful drape, shiny finish and soft pile. Our velvet fabrics provide comfort with a 2-4 way stretch. They are thicker than most velvets due to their tight knit and luxurious quality. 
Note from fabric maker: "Velvets and pile fabrics are difficult to photograph and capture true colors on a web page. Please use these pages as a general guide to our product line and the colors we offer. The actual fabrics will be much richer and more colorful in person."
Fabrics contents: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex.

Striation Velvet

2-way stretch

Krush and Classic Luxe Velvet

4-way strech 

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