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Leopard Print Organic Rolling Papers

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Leopard Print Organic Rolling Papers

Leopard print rolling papers to match your leopard coat. Looking for cute leopard printed organic rolling papers to elevate your smoke ritual? These leopard printed organic rolling papers come in packs of 12 with 12 tips

Artist Description 

Independence. Confidence. Sexuality. Non-conformity. These are just a few things you might experience wearing leopard print. But smoking leopard print?  These all-natural rice vegan papers roll the way divorcing your second husband (and selling his star wars memorabilia) feels. Which feels good. Like, really good. So fuck it, Deborah. Ditch the kids, steal the coup, and eat the cougar dating your next husband for breakfast with these dashing organic rolling papers in-hand. 

Important Details:

  • 12 printed rolling papers and 12 tips
  • 100 percent organic vegetable based ink
  • Organic / vegan arabic gum adhesive strip
  • Organic rice paper rolling papers

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