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Sabel Rose Regalia Fine Quilts

Handmade Rainbow Prayer Flags

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Handmade in Santa Rosa, California

Handmade rainbow prayer flags to uplift the vibration of your home. Handmade by Sabel Rose Regalia from Sabel Rose Regalia Fine Quilts. 

Artist Description

I hand-make each strand of these beautiful bright cotton flags. Folks love them on their porch, in doorways, in their gardens, kid’s rooms, anywhere you need a burst of color and added dimension. I infuse love, gratitude, clown tears, unicorn sneezes, peace, and harmony into each one.

Each panel is about 9”x6” with stitched edges. There’s 12 panels per strand, one of each color in rainbow order, making about a 10 foot long strand (120”). There’s loops on the ends of the cotton twill for easy hanging.