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Alight Incense

Essential Oil Incense Sticks

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Artist Description:

Alight Incense is handcrafted using only organically produced and ethically sourced essential oils and botanicals. The scents are unique but approachable, and are beautifully packaged in our signature eye catching triangular boxes. Alight is committed to contributing to the larger social good and donate 10% of our proceeds to a spectrum of progressive causes.


Black Spruce + Fir Balsam + Cedar Atlas

Notes: evergreen, resinous, elevating

Ylang Ylang + Geranium + Juniper Berry

Notes: sweet, herbaceous, compelling

Vetiver + Amyris + Bergamot

Notes: warm, rooted, restorative

Magnolia + Gingergrass + Opopanax

Notes: intoxicating, deep, ethereal

Patchouli & Black Pepper & Peru Balsam

Notes: earthy, inviting, spicy