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Laulin Botanical Alchemy

Chilcuague Healing Spray

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Local favorite

Handcrafted chilcuague healing spray tincture with mezcal espadin. This tincture spray is like nothing you have ever had before. An ancestral antiseptic and immunity booster.

Internal & external uses: mouth cleanse, sore throat, toothaches, gingivitis, digestive support, nausea, insect bites

Apply 1-2 sprays to the inside of mouth for digestive support, immune booster and antiseptic or use topically for insect bites, and other irritations 

Ingredients: Mezcal Espadin, wildcrafted and sustainably sourced heliopsis longipies root handcrafted by Laulin Botanical Alchemy in Mexico
 15ml *this product contains alcohol, these statements have not been supported by the FDA