Summer Self Care Rituals

Integrating the Joy of Summer: Finding Ritual between Gathering and Rest

Summertime Post-Gathering Self Care Rituals for Integrating your Summer of a Lifetime. A thoughtful list of self-care rituals to integrate the energy of summer for better health and wellness

a field of sunflowers in the summer

Summertime is when the sun shines its longest and gathering season comes to its peak. Back-to-back festivals, parties, outdoor gatherings are a chance to reap the abundance of the sun and its power to bring people together. Staying healthy and connected to yourself during summer is beneficial for maintaining good mental wellness to carry into the cold months of winter.

Here is a thoughtful list of self-care rituals to integrate the energy of summer for better wellness.

summer grain bowl

(summer grain bowl from How Sweet Eats) 

Nourish with Cooling Foods | Nourish

Nourish your body and mind with nutrient dense dishes. Indulging in a bowl of raw fruits and veggies may be an obvious choice because of their cool thermal temperature but you can extend this thinking to cool nutrient dense meals. The summer heat can make us tired, hungry and feeling depleted of nutrients especially when leading an active outdoor lifestyle. Ignite your creative fire by creating cooling nutrient dense meals like loaded salads, bowls, toasts, wraps, flatbreads, tacos, sandwiches, and soup (served cold). The possibilities and combinations are endless because what in a wrap, can be in a sandwich, and can be a salad and so on. Strolling a local farmer's market is a great starting point and there are so many fresh options in the summertime.


Make it a weekly ritual to walk your local farmer’s market to select a bread or grain, variety of veggies, fruit, and herbs, artisan cheese, a protein like pasture eggs and smoked salmon, and a dip or sauce like homemade hummus or salsa. Creativity comes from not having a plan, so it is okay if you feel like you don’t know what to make and customizing based on your preferences. Work with what you have selected to make a nourishing nutrient dense dish. Stacking healthy fresh foods together is sure to bring more variety and nutrition to the diet making you feel nourished and satisfied in the hot months of summer.


glasses of ice water with lime wedges

Embrace Water | Hydrate

Keeping the body cool in the summertime is the key to being able to spend long hours outside. Embrace the cleansing power of water to keep your body and inner core cool for sustained energy. Besides drinking lots of water, if you are spending long hours in the sun, water consumption should be balanced with adequate electrolytes to make sure you are not flushing out vital minerals needed to help the body function. Replenishing daily with electrolyte drops, powder or beverages like coconut water will make us feel more energized and hydrated throughout the day.


On the hottest days, create a daily ritual to spend the morning near your favorite body of water like a pool, beach, lake, soaking tub, etc – all will have the same effect cooling the body down early in the day. Enjoy an iced glass of electrolyte water with slices of fresh fruit while dipping into cold, cleansing water for a cool inner core all day long.


Poppy healing botanical oil

(Poppy Ca healing botanical oil)

Take Care of Your Skin | Glow

When it comes to summertime skincare beyond SPF, consistently moisturizing the body is so important to keep skin dewy and hydrated. Outdoor gatherings and festivals in nature and can leave skin feeling dry and parched. Enhance the summertime glow by moisturizing multiple times a day. We swear by remembering to oil throughout the day. Using your favorite skin safe oil such as coconut or olive massage the places exposed the most like the tops of hands and feet, ear lobes, face, neck, shoulders, and kneecaps. A gentle self-massage in the middle of the day will relax the nervous system and is an intimate way to connect with yourself.


After a long day outside prep a skin soothing tub soak. If the body needs to cool down, we recommend a lukewarm or cooler temperature bath. To keep the tub fresh, wash hair and clean the body before soaking to open pores and wash away any remaining dirt. A clean tub of water creates a blank canvas for you to customize your bath to your needs. Prior to soaking add our CBD botanical healing oil for an extra opportunity to moisturize and soothe sore and tired muscles. Soaking in an oil bath is a divine experience and will soothe skin on the spot. Light candles and incense, drop in your favorite stones and salts, and add oils to your liking. Listen to music or watch a show – there is not right or wrong way to create a dreamy bath for yourself. After soaking, cover the entire body in oil and massage for at least 60 seconds and finish with a spiritizes of floral hydrosol.

Pro tip: Store floral hydrosol in the refrigerator and spray immediately before applying oil for an extra cooling effect.

angle looking up at redwood trees

Unplug and Reconnect with Nature | Detox

Have you ever wandered somewhere in nature and become so fascinated by the beauty you spent your time trying to capture the scene with your phone and before you knew it your time there was over? It is easy to see beauty through our phones rather than with our own eyes. Unplugging from technology before stepping into a naturescape can help us center and stay in the present moment. You might notice your sensory perception open through noticing the intoxicating smells of flower and trees, the music the wind makes traveling through leaves, your energy shift with an increase in oxygen and the clearing of positive ions. It is truly incredible how easy attunement comes when we set down the tech.


Next time you are in a beautiful place turn off your phone and capture the memories only using your mind and senses. Sit with your favorite tree or element and listen to what comes through and write your thoughts and memories into a journal. Next time you visit the same place read the journal entry and step into this activation. Photos are great! But their ability to make everything appear perfect in one shot can distract us from the present moment.


outdoor zen space

Build Your Summertime Oasis | Create

When you are reeling from a social gathering where do you wind down on those slow summer days? Do you have a window you gravitate towards or an outdoor patio? Creating a thoughtful space to relax and reflect on the day can calm the nervous system and lower stress. Dedicating space at home for quiet peaceful moments can help clear the mind, center the body, and birth new ideas.


Create a relaxing space within your home and decorate it to your desired style using only items you already have. Get creative with what has been there all along. Find old pieces of fabric, candles, stones, fresh flowers, favorite books, meaningful décor, mementoes, photos that bring joy, and anything that holds true meaning in your life.  

"By treating our routines more like rituals we can reclaim our purpose and connect to something that is greater than ourselves. By ritualizing our lives we celebrate what it means to be ALIVE." (Abbi Chick)

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