Sacred Geometry in Nature

By being a conscious observer of nature’s geometry we are able to understand the natural world as it exists. Geometry means measure of the earth. Take a moment and reflect in your conscious mind… did we discover geometry or did it discover us? How can nature know how to create these formations? It is a true universal order created by something greater than us and so we are a part of and connected to it too.

Our world is composed of geometry through waves of energy that travel to and from, and everywhere we go. Geometric vibrational patterns like using a singing bowl near water are concepts of universal order. By being an observer to these occurrences in the natural world we are aligning our own frequency to the rhythms and waves of nature. Developing an awareness of your own energy generates a rediscovery of your own inner knowing and that is just amazing.

The Poppy California logo was created using the “3 Superuniversals.” The circle, square, and triangle. It is from these three universal forms that anything can be created, repeated, and connected.

examples of geometry in nature



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