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Tea Ritual Gift Set

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Tea time can be transformed into a ritualistic practice simply by allowing your body and mind to relax, unwind, and take in the blessings of the Universe with every sip. Use your special tea blend to create a personalized tea ritual.

The included tea towel can be duped as an altar cloth, table towel, or any use that you see fit. Sacred Container’s ceramic tea mug was handmade just for you, providing the perfect containment for your favorite beverages. Making a delicious pot of tea begins with bringing warmth to the elixir of life. The Looking Glass Teapot enables this magic. 

X1 Tea Towel/Altar Cloth  | The Rainbow Vision 

X1 Tea Mug | Sacred Containers  

X1 Looking Glass Tea Pot | Lit Rituals 

x1 Tea Pot Serving of Poppy Dream Tea