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The Cosmic Poppy

Haliya Face Mask

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(Limited Quantity)
Beautiful, unique, iridescent mask that shimmers in sun and light and is even more stunning in person. Each is hand cut/sewn individually and handmade locally.

Adult size
(INNER) natural 100% silk lining (cotton lining for black velvet style)
(OUTER) varies - viscose/poly/and/or/metal blend
Adjustable ear-loops
Made with upcycled fabrics from clothing production

Machine wash cold on delicate cycle or with wash bag, or hand wash with gentle soap like Bronners. HANG DRY ONLY to avoid heat damage and shrinkage.
This is a handmade item from scrap deadstock fabrics so pattern and design may vary
***This is not a replacement for a recommended N95 mask***
Please do not return or try to refund this item, it is a face mask and thus will have to go to landfill.