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Dreamwork Bundle

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The dreamworld is a place where all levels of consciousness come together in the form of messages and downloads to paint the pictures of stories, past memories, repressed emotions, and the bridging of bizarre interpretations of ourselves, others and other time and worlds. Dreamworld can be a fun, scary, and interesting place. The dream state can be explored through practice, awareness and recall of a dream during the waking state.

Begin your journey exploring dreamwork with helpful tools to accompany you along the way. There is no right or wrong way to create your own dreamwork ritual. This set includes a handmade 100% silk/plant dyed sleep mask to aid in blocking out light stimulation. Settle into your experience by dream journaling and sipping on a dream tea handmade with CA poppy herb and blue lotus to transition your nervous system to sleep. Jotting down what can be remembered from dreams is helpful for remembering where you left off the night before as well as for lucid dreaming. Tea ball is included for straining loose leaf Dreamy Tea.


X1 Plant Dyed, Silk Sleep Mask | Soul Studio  

X1 Poppy Ca Dreamy Tea (contains St. Johns Wort)

X1 Dream Interpretation Book 

X1 Dream Journal  | The Rainbow Vision 

X1 Tea Ball

X1 Dreamwork Insert